Taking Time to Give Thanks

by Cathy and David Photography

A girl gets engaged and quickly disappears into the quicksands of time. Has it really been since June that I last posted?

So many wonderful things have happened – a move to a new city, a new job, a whole new extended family – and so many small acts of kindness. Unfortunately when you’ve got a pre- “I do” list of “to do’s” there’s very little time to reflect on all of the love and kindness that abounds.

We are getting married on Thanksgiving weekend, an especially opportune time to give thanks for all of the wonderful people who have contributed to the start of our new life together, in big ways and small. I had been thinking about writing thank you posts – one for each day this month. But the reality is there are not nearly enough hours in the day to get everything done before the wedding as it is without adding on additional tasks. So I’m doing my best to express gratitude in the moment and to be mindful of all of the people who are going out of their way to make our pre-wedding and wedding celebrations a success. And there are SO MANY people. I imagine I’ll be writing thank you notes well into the New Year. Thank you, and be kind.