I remembered I forgot your birthday

I used to be really good at remembering special occasions. My 9th grade boyfriend’s birthday was June 14, which also happens to be Flag Day. My father still calls me at the beginning of June to reconfirm his wedding anniversary (it’s June 17). My childhood neighbor Alex was born on January 19, the same day as Asheley, one of my high school cross country and track teammates.

Unfortunately, the more people you meet, know and love, the harder it is to remember all of those dates! Increasingly I get seized by that “Oh no! It’s __________’s birthday/anniversary/(insert special occasion here) and I totally forgot!” moment. Which is why I started making this list on Yelp! of places to pick up gifts and cards that will look like you spent hours (possibly even days!) to pick out just the right thing, even though you only now remembered that you totally forgot.

Also, on the subject of gifts (’tis the season, afterall), check out Design Sponge’s excellent No-Buy Gift Guide, a list of creative ideas for “experience” gifts for family and friends. Although unlike my aforementioned list, some of these ideas require a bit of advance work. Maybe I just need one of those nifty perpetual calendars, like the one I gave to my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day, which, as we all know, always falls on the second Sunday in May.

Thanks, and be kind.