The idea for this blog was born on New York’s F train between Carroll Gardens and Manhattan as I watched the most unexpected people give up their seats to pregnant women or the elderly.  Many times before and since then I have contemplated a movement in which people around the world commit to doing one act of kindness every day.  This blog is a start.

Be kind.


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  1. Hi, I saw a review you had on yelp. I was wondering if you can recommend a nice wine and wine & cheese place in Boston besides The butcher Shop.

    • Jake – Hands down, the BEST cheese plate in town is at The Gallows, 1395 Washington Street (in the South End). They usually have a couple of cheese boards to choose from. I usually go for the Farmer – in addition to a selection of incredible artisanal cheeses, you also get seasonal fruit, nuts, honeycomb and some kind of chutney or sauce, all at a very reasonable price $15. They also have a seafood/cheese plate and one with smoked ham (I don’t eat pork so I’ve never tried this one). The Gallows has a great selection of wine and craft cocktails, and servers are usually more than happy to help you with pick the right beverage to go with your food. Bon appetite!

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