About the writer

Laura (Banish) Abbasi is an aspiring do-gooder, former journalist, and ex-propaganda machine committed to working toward a more just and peaceful world. She divides her time between Chicago and Boston.  Her current crush is Mother Teresa. On occasion she will do a cartwheel when no one is looking.


6 thoughts on “About the writer

  1. Thank you Noah! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog. It means a lot coming from you since you’re one of those wonderful, real-life do-gooders I’d like to become when I grow up. I’m looking forward to keeping the blog going. Thanks again for reading!

  2. Very nice, Laura. I enjoyed looking at your blog. Where do you get the time to do all this?
    Thanks for the shout out in your thanksgiving piece.

  3. Laura, WOW, what an amazing blog. I had no idea you had this. As I spend time navigating through it I could not help of shed a few tears especially when I read your 12/02/10 911 Outgoing calls post. I couldn’t help but remembering the many times we spent talking, after hours at work after a long day, about the day’s stresses, trials and tribulations and how we would identify the “Only Ifs” that if implemented would make the world of difference for the City of Santa Fe. Laura, you are an amazing human being. I am blessed to have you and your friendship in my life. Thank you for the shout-out in your Thanksgiving post. P.S. Congratulations on getting your braces off.

  4. Hi Laura! I’ve been spending the last hour or so reviewing all the different posts you’ve put up since starting this amazing site. I remember when you shared your thoughts about small and random acts of kindness when we were on the subway going to see your friend perform on an outdoor stage at Lincoln Center back in the summer. I just wanted to say that you’re touching lives by sharing your stories and your mantra – that you can be sure. We could all use more of this spiritual medicine on a daily basis … kindness, laughter, positive energy, love, thoughtfulness. You’ve been able to capture all these and more in your writings and your actions. I’m so proud to be your friend!

    • Your blogs are so thought provoking. This one reminded me of my days growing up on a farm. There was not only horse manure, but cow and chicken manure as well. It was impossible to gather the eggs in the hen house without stepping in the really smelly stuff. I know that my children remember going to the farm, but I wish that my grand children could have some of those experiences.

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