snow globe

As I was going for my daily run along the Brooklyn promenade it felt like I was running in a snow globe. We got the kind of big fluffy snowflakes that look like feathers from a goose down pillow.

With each wet flake that landed on my nose and face I felt a palpable sense of awe of all the little miracles around us. I felt more connected to my surroundings. It was such an incredible opportunity to practice awareness and live in the present. And I wondered, how many moments do we have like this but fail to savor the experience?

As a child I remember being impressed by so much – dinosaurs, airplanes, the construction of a bees’ nest. But as we get older we are harder and harder to rouse. Which leads me to add one more resolution to the doozey of a list I’ve already developed for the new year: to be dazzled and amazed by life’s small wonders. This means shaking up the way I view the settled particles of my daily life – things easily taken for granted, such as a good meal, the changing of seasons, a sparkling night sky – and celebrating these experiences as small marvels.

As I set to work on the things I’ve resolved to do and learn in 2011, there are three words I aspire to keep at the front of my mind as much as possible: Notice. Listen. Connect. Thank you, and be kind.


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