make a difference day

Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Secretary’s Day are among the holidays created by Hallmark to sell greeting cards. This Saturday is “Make a Difference Day,” a holiday created by USA Today Weekend to sell newspapers. Still, just as Hallmark holidays can make mom, dad or another loved one feel appreciated, I think “Make a Difference Day” has some real potential.

Say something nice or even better do something nice this weekend. Help a neighbor. Help your parents. Help a friend. You can make a difference through small random acts of kindness, such as opening doors for others, paying someone a sincere compliment or removing fall leaves and annoying solicitations from your neighbor’s stoop. Bake an everyday cake for a friend. Make someone a meal.

Or go big. Really big. Make a commitment to volunteer. Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters and tutoring at a local school are perennially popular options. Contact your favorite nonprofit or community organization and find out what they need. Give your time or make a donation to a cause you believe in. Just do something!

There may be a shortfall of jobs in the US. There may be a deficit of dateable men in New York City according to my single friends. Some days my patience runs short. But there’s no shortage of good deeds to be done.

As for me, I’ll be helping my roommate Eilon document crate diggers at the WFMU Record & CD Fair this weekend. OK, so this isn’t your typical, feel-good, help-an-old-lady-across-the-street kind of good deed, but I’ll be assisting my roommate with one aspect of a long-term photography project that really means a lot to him. Eilon is incredibly talented, and it will be fun to see how he does what he does.

Be creative. Make a difference in the life of someone else this weekend. Be kind.


One thought on “make a difference day

  1. Love your blog- the positive energy is infectious! Will try to link it to my web site – what wonderful thought to share, and I love your writing style. Bravo!

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