17 syllables on a rainy day

There is a torrential downpour of rain outside, and I’m trapped in The New School’s computer lab because I’ve violated a cardinal rule of living in New York City: don’t leave home without an umbrella. While mentally reciting the nursery rhyme “Rain Rain Go Away,” I stumbled upon a fantastic story about an artist who has been plastering haiku poems all over the streets of Atlanta. The haikus play off of those insipid and bleak roadside signs selling miracle weight loss plans, foreclosed homes and insurance.

A bit quirky and a bit inspirational, my favorite of the bunch is:

“There’s a great deal of bad in the world, and one of the few things that ameliorates the cruelties of the world is art,” Artist John Morse said in an article on guardian.co.uk. “A little bit of art can do a great deal of good. And I want to spend my life doing something good … Will it be good? I don’t know. But I’m going to try.”

I love it! A little bit of humor has the potential to go a long way. Be kind.


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