black tie beach party

Ever since I moved to New York City one year and one month ago I have wanted to participate in Improv Everywhere. So far, we seem to have a scheduling conflict.

For those who are not familiar, Improv Everywhere is a comedic performance art ensemble that organizes “missions” with the objective of causing chaos and joy. Of course, chaos doesn’t always result in joy (admittedly I’ve cringed at some of the unintended negative consequences of a number of Improv Everywhere stunts), but I sure wish I could have participated in the last round of shenanigans in which several hundred people of all ages spent a day of rollicking fun at the Coney Island beach in black tie attire. From the video and the photos, I can’t tell who is enjoying the stunt more – the mission’s “agents” or the seaside onlookers.

My favorite part of the video by far is the old man who appears in the last 30 seconds. He is so happy! Just watching him express his euphoria makes me downright gleeful. Watch. Laugh. Be kind.

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