kindness is contagious

I’ve never thought I had anything important enough to say to start a blog, but this weekend I realized that while it’s nice to be important, it’s often more important to be nice. As the title suggests, this blog is to be inspired by small acts of kindness, gestures or acts that may seem small in scale but have remarkable power to make someone else’s day a little easier, a little brighter or to inspire a similar act of benevolence.

So what was this blog-inspiring intervention? I lost my wallet. Like so many sets of keys, I expected to never see my yellow clutch ever again. Bye-bye. Farewell. Adieu. However, much to my surprise and great pleasure a kind woman named Gabrielle found it and then went through painstaking effort to return it to me.

Although losing it did not cause too much distress – life as an intermittently absent-minded individual has finally taught me that there’s just no use in getting upset over something you can do nothing about – the fact of recovering my wallet brought me immense joy. It put a smile on my face throughout the day, and saved me hours of time getting a new driver’s license, student ID, changing my bank account, and fretting over other things in my wallet that I wouldn’t realize were missing until I really needed them.

I asked Gabrielle if there was any way that I could repay her and of course, being the kind of person that she is, she said no. I expected this as I had a conversation with my boyfriend regarding the appropriate way to reward altruism, which in itself can present a special array of complexities.

In the end, I think the best way to thank someone for their act of kindness is to help someone else. And so I’ve started this little blog here, where I hope to post things inspired by small acts of kindness with the idea being that it will embolden others to do the same.

Small acts of kindness may seem limited in power and influence, but I think helping others in our own particular way is a very tangible approach to being agents of positive change in the world. Thank you for reading this. Be kind.


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